Batman: Death in the Family


Action / Animation

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 484

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Gary Cole as Two-Face / Commissioner Gordon
Nolan North as Clark Kent / Police Officer 2
John DiMaggio as Joker
Bruce Greenwood as Batman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wildhunt1-585-849528 5 / 10

Very Underwhelming Attempt--try harder, DC!

I bought this movie the instant it was available, and after the first ten minutes I knew I wasted my money. This movie was so disappointing in that it was nothing but a recap of "Under the Red Hood" and very little else. If you're going to make a Death in the Family movie, make the movie and not some half-assed attempt at it. I really wish I could get my money back. I only gave it five stars because the animation was good and I like the voice actors. Storywise, this was a complete and utter failure.

I want my money back, DC! You tricked me!

Reviewed by jeremycrimsonfox 3 / 10

Mostly Recycled Footage, Little Interaction

Batman is one of those comic characters who is not afraid to delve into darker, more mature storylines. A Death In The Family is one of them, and it is infamous because readers actually got to decide the ending, which involved whether or not Jason Todd, who was the holder of the Robin mantle at the time, lived or died. and has gotten its fair share of attention and backlash for the final result. This movie is an adaptation of the story as well as a follow up to 2010's Batman: Under The Red Hood (as the cast from that film reprise their roles in this one).

Keeping with the interactive aspect of the comic, the movie is done to the point where it allows you to make choices that change the story. Before the film starts, the movie gives instructions on how to make choices (but thankfully, it can be skipped for those who watch it again or don't want instructions). The movie for the most part, has new footage mixed in with what looks like scenes taken from Under The Red Hood. Immediatly, this can be seen as bad, as the UTRH scenes are sadly just copy-and-pasted into the film, without any additions to take advantage of the R rating this film got. Basically, when you get to the point where you choose Robin's fate, you get three choices (that is, if you're watching the Blu-Ray. The digital copy does not have the interactive part). If you choose the Robin Dies route, all you get is a repeat of that film (only with Bruce Wayne/Batman narrating). Also, there is not much interactivity in this movie. Two of the paths do not allow you to choose to change the story, while one has most of the interactivity, which sadly hinders this more.

Because of these problems, the movie is too short (the longest being a half-hour), making this an underwhelming film. The only good thing about this is John DiMaggio does a good job voicing The Joker, but this interactive film is a lackluster and a waste of $18 I bought it for at Wal-Mart. Avoid this and look for something better, like Batman: Under The Red Hood (which is way better in its original form).

Reviewed by geosmdavic 2 / 10

This was very trick to sell movie

Ok I am a HUGE DC fan and I was so excited about this movie coming out...first off when it started I thought wow this is gonna tell the whole story about what happened in death in the family cause it started out as a flash back to under the red hood animated movie... I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen I haven't seen in under the red hood but that's all it is nothing but a rehash of under the red hood.. they used all animation from that movie and Bruce just narrated it... it was cut down to nothing.. I kept thinking cause of how much time was left it was gonna move on to something more.. nope at the end of it it's Bruce talking to Clark in a Diner .. that's it... then it went to another DC short I didn't care about... then another and another and another... it was just a collection of shorts.. but in order for DC to sell these shorts they put death in the family on the title . DC that was really a low and dirty trick... would I have bought these shorts without a rehash of under the red hood... probably not... can I get the 15 bucks I spent on this crap back from VUDU... definitely not...will I watch this again?..positively not.. don't waste your money on this... if you wanna watch death in the family, watch under the red hood... at least you will get a full length movie and not a cheap watered down version of it... oh the other shorts were Sargent Rock.. it was ok.. wish there was more of it.... Adam Strange not as good but if there was more it could have been good ....The Phantom Stranger ... didn't care for it at all..... and Death didn't even watch it... lost interest after Phantom Stranger....To wrap this up IT SUCKED If you haven't bought under the red hood yet spend the money on that not this... it's crap... the only reason I gave it the stars I did was cause of Sargent Rock.. it was pretty good just not long enough ...

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