Bergets grymma hemlighet

1978 [ITALIAN]

Adventure / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 3763

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Ursula Andress as Susan / Wife
Stacy Keach as Professor Edward Foster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

National Geographic Channel meets Italian Sleaze

Sergio Martino's 'Mountain etc' is somewhat an outcast in the notorious Italian field of cannibalism… This film has a bit more style, depth and – compared to such films as 'Cannibal Holocaust' or 'Cannibal Ferox' – you don't necessarily feel the need to take a shower after seeing it. It's actually better to compare this film with old-fashioned adventure-movies, actually…but with cannibals and a healthy dose of authentic Italian sleaze. Ursula Andress (still the finest, most ravishing Bond girl to date) stars as a strong woman who goes on an expedition, deep down the Guinean jungle, to search her missing husband. Her brother and another respected anthropologist (Stacy Keach) accompany her to 'Ra Ra Mu' … Roughly translated: the mountain of the Cannibal God, where a savage tribe still feasts on human flesh.

The first hour of the film is slow, atmospheric and surprisingly educational! Several sequences, portraying animal's hunting rituals, seem to come right out of a National Geographic broadcast and you're actually waiting for the voice-over to inform you more. The original, uncut release of Mountain of the Cannibal God contains a good share of violence and nudity, but it never becomes repulsive or nauseating. To be entirely honest: the 'horrible' cannibal tribe actually is rather lame. So, the fact they're only appear in the movie after the first hour is a good thing! Until then, you've got compelling adventure and Andress's ravishing body to keep you entertained. Highly recommended viewing!

Reviewed by gridoon 7 / 10

Very well-made jungle adventure

"Mountain of the Cannibal God" may disappoint those looking for a hardcore cannibal flick, but if you're willing to accept it as a jungle adventure with occasional doses of gore it works better. The production is colorful and polished; this movie really looks great on DVD. Sergio Martino does a solid job with the direction; apart from "Predator", I don't think I've seen a film with a better sense of place during its jungle scenes. The plot has a good build-up, and even attempts a couple of twists. Ursula Andress handles her physically demanding role well (no wonder the cannibals mistake her for a goddess; that's what Ursula is. And did anyone else find one of the cannibal girls that were painting her up quite hot?). Stacy Keach is a solid lead and has the best (and best-delivered) line in the film: "You never forget the taste of human flesh!". By the way, I watched a 97-minute version which was quite gory, but had some "extreme" scenes that others have mentioned (bestiality) missing. (**1/2)

Reviewed by Macholic 8 / 10

King Solomon's Mines meets the Cannibals

This is your classic Saturday matinée movie, just done with more gore. It offers the best production values of any Italian cannibal movie, it has an all star cast, excellent production values, it really looks great. Or, to be more specific: It looked great: The DVD prints in circulation today are made from color faded Kodak Eastman prints. They are not made to last, so when I saw it in the cinema in 1979 it looked great and colorful. Still...if faded colors doesn't ruin your day, there is plenty to enjoy. Ursula Andress offers some of the best celeb-nudity caught on film. Being in her mid-forties, she still looks absolutely fantastic. My suggestion to you is to suspend your disbelief, find your best chair, lower the lights and press play to enjoy 8/10.

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